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The head of the animal shelter VšĮ Tautmilės globa is Tautmilė Stanevičiūtė. She started volunteering in activities related to homeless animal welfare in 2008. Previously Tautmilė has volunteered in a number of major animal welfare organisations of Vilnius (Sos gyvūnai, LGGD, Lesė). For her activities she is well known among animal lovers of Vilnius. The experience gained and the need to create new places for homeless animals encouraged her to start independent activities.

In 2012 Tautmilė established a separate organization which was called VšĮ Tautmilės globa. At the beginning Tautmilė sheltered and took care of animals in a small garage in Buivydiškės, Vilnius, which was lent to her by her acquaintance. Later the shelter with all four-legged friends was moved to the new premises at Rasų g. 39, Vilnius, which was also given to the shelter free of charge. The area of the premises was less than 70 m2 but within several months it was increased to 250 m2 (this additional space was given to us with a condition that we renovate it and pay a rent monthly).

This location is great. We are near the national park of Pavilniai. It is calm and beautiful here. We can take our dogs on long walks in nature. Nearby there are even water bodies: a small spring and a pond, where the dogs can refresh themselves on hot days. People like to come to us and to walk the dogs enjoying the beautiful surroundings all year round.


Several videos from our walks:

When we got this additional space we could dedicate a separate space for cats! Now the cats are in a separate building further away from noisy dogs enjoying calmness. When new cats arrive to the animal shelter we keep them in separate cages with a toilet, water, food, toys and bed. After “acclimatization period” and performing all necessary medical procedures and if new home is still not found to them, the cats are moved to a cat room where they can live freely in a community of other cats waiting for new home. Here is a video from their room:


Soon even this space started to be not enough and the taxes and rent were getting higher and higher and there were talks about plans to sell the buildings were we were located, so we started considering the idea of buying a place for our animal shelter somewhere in a village with much more space. And soon we found it! In the winter of 2015. We managed to buy it and with the help of our wonderful supporters we started renovation activities. This place is 35 km away from Vilnius. At first we were worried that it was too far for people to be willing to come there and help us or choose an animal for themselves. Later we understood that this distance is not that big problem. But also we understood that we definitely need to keep our place in Vilnius because no matter one bigger number of people is able to come there and there it is much easier to take care of animals in need of veterinary help. So, at the moment we are an animal shelter with two divisions: city and village. We are very happy about it because it means that we can help much more animals then before and we can help not only dogs and cats but also farm animals, birds, wild animals, etc.

In our village division our foster animals have a lot of freedom. This place is located in the forest. The territory is fenced. So most of the animals who learn to be friendly to each other can run freely in the territory when there are people around. Others with a bit difficult character need to be kept in enclosures and are walked regularly with a leash. We have a big number of animals there and new and renovated buildings for them but construction works are still being performed there.

Our village division has become a shelter not only for dogs and cats but for other kinds of animals as well. We are very happy to be able to help to more and more animals <3


Some videos from our village division:

For a long time these activities were performed on a voluntary basis; however, when the number of animals (dogs and cats) in the shelter started exceeding 130, we understood that our activities were going beyond the limits of voluntary activities. Therefore, in 2015 we created the first permanent work place in the shelter. Later we started hiring people working according to self-employment certificates. When observing other countries, we have realized that in order to perform these activities in a professional way we need to combine the work of volunteers with the work of permanent workers.

Moreover, we are really glad that we are the first nongovernmental animal welfare organisation in Vilnius who has been granted an official veterinary approval to exist.



Rescuing stray animals, treating them, taking care of them until a new home is found for them, searching for people who are ready to become responsible owners, reducing the number of homeless animals by humane means (spaying, neutering), attracting people to volunteer in the shelter and to donate, encouraging people to understand that they themselves can do a lot to help animals in need of rescuing, encouraging people to take actions (to bring animals they find on streets to the vets and to foster them at home till new home is found because no matter how much we at the animal shelter wanted to help everyone in need we are limited in our financial, human and space resources), teaching them that the animal shelter like ours cannot exist without the help of people and that each contribution matters a lot, teaching people not to be indifferent to stray animals and to seek help for them, educating the society regarding cruel behaviour towards animals and reduction of the number of homeless animals (trips of children from schools to the shelter, invitation to come and walk the dogs in the animal shelter and to spend time with our cats, employees of companies taking a day off and coming to the animal shelter in groups once in a while to help with different jobs in the shelter, presentations on different rescue-animal-related topics and participation in mass events and TV and radio programmes, etc.).



  1. Life. Injured, abandoned and exhausted animals that get into our shelter receive all needed veterinary help as well as further treatment and care. Animals live in the shelter until new homes are found for them.

  1. Responsible placement into new homes. It is of the utmost importance for us to find good new homes for the animals that are at our foster care, that their new owners would be well informed about their condition and health and that they would be spayed and neutered after they reach the necessary age.

  1. Ensuring appropriate living conditions for animals. Sufficient space, food, water, care and love.

  1. Education. Participation in international and local projects. Spreading information about the shelter, etc.

  1. Search for sufficient and stable funding to maintain all animals fostered at our shelter.

  1. Cooperation with veterinary clinics for the best treatment methods available and provision of professional help at any time.



Všį Tautmilės globa is run on money and other things donated by companies and private individuals. For several consecutive years we have been receiving support of two percent from personal income tax.

We ask you for financial and other support which is so much needed for attaining our goals. And you are very welcome to come to walk our dogs and spend time with our cats. We are at the animal shelter every day from 9-13 and 17-20 o’clock. You can contact us on tautmiles.prieglaudele@gmail.com.


Details for donations:

VšĮ Tautmilės Globa, company code 302710895, account No LT677300010130362000, SWIFT .


Our page: https://tautmilesgloba.lt/, https://www.facebook.com/TautmilesPrieglaudele/